Employment by institutional segment (work in progress)

I now have a first estimate of the size of the four quadrants in the Tradable/Non-Tradable, Big/Small classification, for employment in the Greek economy. It is in the attached worksheet.

Only 25% of all employment is in businesses or organizations that are considered big by EU standards (i.e. having more than 250 employees). This includes the government and the broader public sector.

The whole tradable economy (big and small units) employs about 25% of all employment — not very low, by EU standards. But big units in the tradable sectors (over 250 employees) account for only 2.6% of total national employment. This is very low, and lies at the root of Greece’s low competitiveness.

Better estimates and international comparisons to follow. Plus a further breakdown of the very small units (self-employed, or 1-9)



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